British-American Diplomacy
Bagot to Monroe : November 4, 1816

WASHINGTON, Novr 4th 1816.

SIR, In conformity with the arrangement made between us in our correspondence of the 12th and 13th of August last, I have now the honour to enclose to you an account of the actual state of His Majesty's Naval Force upon the Lakes; and to acquaint you, that its further augmentation is suspended, until the sentiments of His Majesty's Government, upon the project contained in your note of the 5th of August, and which I have transmitted to Lord Castlereagh, are known.

I have the honour to be with the highest consideration, Sir, Your most obedient humble servant.



&c. &c. &c.


Statement of His Majesty's Naval Force on the Lakes of Canada 1st September 1816.

Lake Ontario.

St Lawrence can carry 110 guns-laid up in ordinary.
Psyche do. 50. do.
Princess Charlotte do. 40. do.
Niagara do. 20. Condemned as unfit for service.
Charwell do. 14 Hauled up in the mud condemned likewise
Prince Regent do. 60. In Commission but unequipped being merely
used as a Barrack or receiving Ship and
the Commander in Chief's Head Quarters

Montreal, in Commission carrying 6 guns used merely as a Transport for the service of His Majesty.

Star. Carrying 4 guns used for current duties only, and unfit for actual service. Netley Schooner. Carrying no guns attached for the most part to the Surveyors, and conveying His Majesty's servants from Port to Port.

There are besides the above some Row Boats capable of carrying long guns- 2 seventy four gun Ships on the Stocks, and one Transport of 400 Tons, used for conveying His Majesty's Stores from Port to Port.

On Lake Erie.

Tecumseth and Newash carrying 4 guns each, and Huron and Sauk which can carry 1 gun each. these Vessels are used principally to convey His Majesty's Servants and Stores from Port to Port.

On Lake Huron.

The Confiance and Surprize Schooners which may carry one gun each, and are used for purposes of Transport only.

On Lake Champlain.

12 gun Boats, 10 of which are laid up in ordinary, and the other two (one of which mounts 4 guns and the other 3 guns) used as guard boats, besides the above there are some small row Boats which are laid up as unfit for service.

Keel, Stem, and Stern Port of a Frigate laid down at the Isle Aux Noix.


Captn of H. M. Ship Prince Regent and Senior Officer.

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