The German Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Schulenburg) to the German Foreign Office; June 6, 1940
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Frame 112208, serial 103


Moscow, June 6, 1940-3:55 p. m.
Received June 6, 1940-6:30 p. m.

No. 1079 of June 6

Reference your telegram of June 5, No. 938. (1)

In the conference on June 3, Molotov only asked for information without showing any intention of wanting to bind the German or Italian Government on any point. On the other hand, he showed clearly that the Soviet Government would be very pleased if Herr von Mackensen's statement reflected not only his personal opinion but actually the interpretation of the German and Italian Governments. The question as to how possible cooperation among the three in the Balkans would work out practically was not broached by Herr Molotov.


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