Foreign Relations of the United States : 1918 The Conclusion of the Peace of Brest Litovsk
The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State

File No. 703.72119/1043

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


STOCKHOLM, December 27, 1917.

[Received 10 p. m.]

1232. Swedish press via Petrograd telegram bureau reports Russian delegation Brest Litovsk proposed negotiations based following six points:

1. Forcible incorporation territories conquered during war prohibited.

2. Restoration people's integrity political independence where deprived of same by war.

3. Various nationalities not having independence before war assured right determine themselves whether they will belong to one or other state or become independent.

4. In territories inhabited by various nationalities rights minorities guaranteed and special rights granted involving cultural independence and making possible administrative autonomy.

5. No belligerent payments. So-called costs of war sums already paid out returned. For payment damages private persons fund provided by proportional contributions from all belligerents.

6. In solution colony problem points 1, 2, 3, 4 shall be observed.

Russian delegation declares unpermissible any forcing of weaker by stronger nations; for example, economic boycott, forced trade agreements, separate customs conventions hindering freedom of third-state agreements, or sea blockades, etc.

Petrograd telegram bureau reports state siege declared Moscow. Kornilov's forces six thousand with two hundred machine guns decisively beaten, been followed hundred versts government Kharkov by Black Sea sailors, also Polish Legionaries [sic]. Reports great Cossack forces massed near Tsaritsyn. Railway men taken energetic measures prevent them getting further north.


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