Foreign Relations of the United States : 1918 The Conclusion of the Peace of Brest Litovsk
The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State

File No. 763.72119/1364

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


STOCKHOLM, February 22, 1918.

[Received February 23, 12.37 a. m.]

1552. Swedish press reports via Petrograd's telegram bureau. Council of People's Commissioners sent telegram to German Government, Berlin:

Council of People's Commissioners hereby express protest against action German troops against Russian Republic which had declared state of war ended, and had begun demobilize Russian armies all fronts. They are therefore constrained to consent to signing peace on conditions put forward by delegations Central powers at Brest and announce reply to terms specified by German Government will be given immediately. Lenin, Trotsky.


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