Dayton Peace Accords
Letter from Dr. Mate Granic to Sergio Silvio Balanzino
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Republic of Croatia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dayton, November 21, 1995


I refer to the Agreement on the Military Aspects of the Peace Settlement, which the Republic of Croatia has endorsed, and the Agreement Between the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Concerning the Status of NATO and its Personnel.

On behalf of the Republic of Croatia, I wish to assure you that Republic of Croatia shall take all necessary steps, consistent with the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to ensure that personnel or organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are under its control or with which it has influence fully respect and comply with the commitments to NATO, including in particular access and status of forces, as set forth in the aforementioned Agreements.

Dr. Mate Granic

His Excellency
Sergio Silvio Balanzino
Acting Secretary General
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

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