A Decade of American Foreign Policy 1941-1949
Continuing Effort to Reach Agreement on Atomic Energy Control

Resolution of the General Assembly, November 23, 1949 (1)


RECALLING its resolutions 1 (I) of 24 January 1946, 41 (I) of 14 December 1946 and 191 (III) of 4 November 1948,

AWARE that atomic energy, if used for peace, will lead to the increase of human welfare, but if used for war may bring about the destruction of civilization,

ANXIOUS to free humanity from the dangers which will continue to exist as long as States retain under their individual control the development and operation of atomic energy facilities,

CONVINCED that an international co-operative effort can avoid these dangers and can hasten the development of the peaceful uses of atomic energy for the benefit of all peoples,

1. URGES all nations to join in such a co-operative development and use of atomic energy for peaceful ends;

2. CALLS upon Governments to do everything in their power to make possible, by the acceptance of effective international control, the effective prohibition and elimination of atomic weapons;

3. REQUESTS the permanent members of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission to continue their consultations, to explore all possible avenues and examine all concrete suggestions with a view to determining whether they might lead to an agreement securing the basic objectives of the General Assembly in this question, and to keep the Atomic Energy Commission and the General Assembly informed of their progress;

4. RECOMMENDS that all nations, in the use of their rights of sovereignty, join in mutual agreement to limit the individual exercise of those rights in the control of atomic energy to the extent required, in the light of the foregoing considerations, for the promotion of world security and peace, and recommends that all nations agree to exercise such rights jointly.

(1) General Assembly roundup, Fourth regular session, Press release GA/600, Part H, p. 11. Back

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