A Decade of American Foreign Policy 1941-1949
Plan of Work Adopted by the Commission for Conventional Armaments, July 8, 1947 (1)

1. Consideration of and recommendation to the Security Council concerning armaments and armed forces which fall within the jurisdiction of the Commission for Conventional Armaments.

2. Consideration and determination of general principles in connection with the regulation and reduction of armaments and armed forces.

3. Consideration of practical and effective safeguards by means of an international system of control operating through special organs (and by other means) to protect complying states against the hazards of violations and evasions.

4. Formulation of practical proposals for the regulation and reduction of armaments and armed forces.

5. Extension of the principles and proposals set forth in paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 above to states which are not Members of the United Nations.

6. Submission of a report or reports to the Security Council including, if possible, a draft convention.

It is proposed that under the six headings listed above, all of the references by the various delegations suggested for the Plan of Work will be considered.

It is also understood that this Plan of Work does not limit the freedom of individual delegations to make additional suggestions at a later time.

(1) The United States and the United Nations, Report by the President to the Congress for the Year 1947. Department of State publication 3024, International Organization and Conference Series 111, 1, p. 252. Back

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