Indochina - United States Recognition of Increased Sovereignty in the State of Viet-Nam: Note From the United States Ambassador-at-Large (1) to the Chief of State of Viet-Nam,(2) January 27, 1950 (3)

The Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, has instructed me to express to Your Majesty the gratification of the United States Government at the assumption by Your Majesty of the powers transferred by the French Republic at the beginning of this year,(4) and its confident best wishes for the future of the State of Viet Nam with which it looks forward to establishing a closer relationship. My Government believes that both the people of Viet Nam and the people of France are to be congratulated on this development.

The Secretary of State also asked me to express his personal hopes that Your Majesty will succeed in his present endeavors to establish stability and prosperity in Viet Nam, which, Your Majesty may be assured, my Government is following with close attention.

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American Foreign Policy 1950-1955
Basic Documents Volumes I and II
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Washington, DC : U.S. Governemnt Printing Office, 1957

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