The Cuban Missile Crisis
Memorandum From President Kennedy to Secretary of Defense McNamara


Washington, November 5, 1962.

We must operate on the presumption that the Russians may try again. This time they may prepare themselves for action on the sea in the Cuban area. Does Admiral Anderson think they could build up a secret subterranean base which will put them on a near parity with us if we should once again blockade. If he thinks there is substantial danger of this what suggestions would he now make?

John F. Kennedy(1)

1 Printed from a copy that indicates President Kennedy signed the original. Another note in the same hand reads: "Despatched by receipt #1073--11/15/63--3:30 p.m." Back

Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Cuba, General, 11/1/62-11/6/62. Top Secret.

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