The Cuban Missile Crisis
Summary Record of the 32d-A Meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council


Washington, December 4, 1962, 5:30 p.m.

Mr. Bundy reported that Kuznetsov was telling Ambassador Stevenson the numbers and ports out of which the IL-28 bombers were leaving.(1)

A revised overflight guidelines paper was presented.(2) The general principle is that there will be regular high-level overflights and low-level missions will be done only on specific request, as authorized by the President.

There was a discussion of a Miami news story reporting the presence in Cuba of an armed Soviet division. In fact, there is merely a mechanized regiment which is part of four Soviet task forces in Cuba. It was decided that the Defense Department would release to the press factual information about the Soviet troops in Cuba.

The group agreed that a standstill posture should be maintained in New York until the Russians give us their latest draft declaration.

Mr. McCone reported that the CIA would engage in intense intelligence gathering in Cuba in the next four months, while avoiding provocation until we know whether the Russians are withdrawing their military forces or building them up.

Bromley Smith(3)

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Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Meetings and Memoranda Series, Executive Committee, Meetings, 25-32-A, 11/12/62-12/4/62. Top Secret; Sensitive.

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