The Counselor of the German Embassy in the Soviet Union (Tippelskirch) to Counselor of Legation Schliep of Political Division V in the German Foreign Ministry (1)
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No. 612


Moscow, January 10, 1938.

(Pol. 1 163 g (V))

DEAR SCHLIEP: Enclosed I am sending you the manuscript of the lecture which the Ambassador delivered on November 25 at the Wehrmacht Academy in Berlin.(2) It is the manuscript that the Ambassador put at the disposal of Field Marshal von Blomberg at the latter's request and that has now been returned to us directly by him. The manuscript has been revised once again by the Ambassa-dor and is therefore the only authentic text.

In case you want to reproduce it, as you wrote me, we should appreciate your sending us six copies.

With best regards and Heil Hitler!

Faithfully yours,


(1) Counselor of Legation Martin Schliep was head of Political Division V, dealing with Russian affairs, in the German Foreign Ministry. Back

(2) Enclosure not printed. For extracts from the address, see document No. 610. Back

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