Prevention of Local Arms Imbalance: Address by the President, October 21, 1954 (Excerpt) (1)

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In the Near East, we are all regretfully aware that the major differences between Israel and the Arab States remain unresolved. Our goal there, as elsewhere, is a just peace. By friendship toward both, we shall continue to contribute to peaceful relations among these peoples. And in helping to strengthen the security of the entire Near East, we shall make sure that any arms we provide are devoted to that purpose, not to creating local imbalances which could be used for intimidation of or aggression against any neighboring nations. In every such arrangement we make with any nation, there isn't any assurance that this distortion of purpose cannot occur.

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(1) Department of State Bulletin, Nov. 8, 1954, p. 678. The President's address was delivered at the American Jewish Tercentenary Dinner in New York City. Back

American Foreign Policy 1950-1955
Basic Documents Volumes I and II
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General Foreign Policy Series 117
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