Renewed Appeal for Israeli-Egyptian Cooperation with the Truce Supervision Organization: United Nations Security Council Resolution, September 8, 1955(1)

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution of 30 March 1955,

Having received the report of the Chief of Staff of the Truce Supervision Organization,(2)

Noting with grave concern the discontinuance of the talks initiated by the Chief of Staff in accordance with the above-mentioned resolution,

Deploring the recent outbreak of violence in the area along the Armistice Demarcation Line established between Egypt and Israel on 24 February 1949,

1. Notes with approval the acceptance by both parties of the appeal of the Chief of Staff for an unconditional cease-fire;

2. Calls upon both parties forthwith to take all steps necessary to bring about order and tranquility in the area, and in particular to desist from further acts of violence and to continue the cease-fire in full force and effect

3. Endorses the view of the Chief of Staff that the armed forces of both parties should be clearly and effectively separated by measures such as those which he has proposed;

4. Declares that freedom of movement must be afforded to United Nations Observers in the area to enable them to fulfill their functions;

5. Calls upon both parties to appoint representatives to meet with the Chief of Staff and to co-operate fully with him to these ends; and

6. Requests the Chief of Staff to report to the Security Council on the action taken to carry out this Resolution.

(1) U.N. doc. S/3432, Sept. 7, 1955. This resolution was unanimously adopted by the Security Council Sept. 8, 1955; Department of State Bulletin, Sept. l9, 1955, p. 459. See also Ambassador Lodge's statement of Sept. 8, 1955; ibid., pp. 458 - 459. Back

(2) U.N. doc. S/3430. Back

American Foreign Policy 1950-1955
Basic Documents Volumes I and II
Department of State Publication 6446
General Foreign Policy Series 117
Washington, DC : U.S. Governemnt Printing Office, 1957

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