United States Support of United Nations Efforts to Achieve Peaceful Settlement: Statement by the Department of State, November 5, 1955 (1)

During recent weeks, especially during the last few days, the United States has noted, with deep concern, the increasing tempo of hostilities between Israel and Egypt. According to our information there have been violations of the General Armistice Agreement by both Israel and Egypt which have led to bloodshed and loss of life. The United States deplores resort to force for the settlement of disputes. The Secretary-General of the United Nations and General [E. L. M.] Burns have put forward proposals to Israel and Egypt which are designed to ease the present situation along their common border. The United States strongly supports the United Nations efforts to achieve settlement by peaceful means, especially the current proposals (2) of General Burns, who is the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization.

Recent reports have also been received that United Nations observers who are under General Burns' direction have been prevented from carrying out their assigned functions. The United States continues to believe that these United Nations observers should have full liberty to perform their peaceful functions.

Assistant Secretary Allen informed the Ambassadors of Israel and Egypt of the attitude of the United States and asked for information with respect to their Governments' intentions regarding these matters.

(1) Department of State Bulletin, Nov. 14, 1955, p. 786. The statement was issued after the Ambassadors of Israel (Abba Eban) and Egypt (Ahmed Hussein) had called on Assistant Secretary George V. Allen, at the request of the State Department. Back

(2) See U.N. doc. S/3430. Back

American Foreign Policy 1950-1955
Basic Documents Volumes I and II
Department of State Publication 6446
General Foreign Policy Series 117
Washington, DC : U.S. Governemnt Printing Office, 1957

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