September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
Statement of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham On Reports of Gas Price Spikes; September 12, 2001

U.S. Department of Energy
September 12, 2001

Statement of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham On Reports of Gas Price Spikes

"There have been reports of gas stations in some regions of the country charging as much as $5 per gallon of gasoline based on alarms of disruptions in the gasoline system resulting from Tuesday's events.

At my direction, the Energy Information Administration has investigated these reports and the supply situation, and we can report that there has been no supply disruption to justify such prices.

Throughout the day yesterday, we initiated contact with Governors to provide this information. And we have asked relevant trade associations and industry participants to make clear that significant spikes in gas prices are not justified by the circumstances.

Moreover, I just spoke with Governor Whitman at EPA and have been informed that her agency is moving forward to waive summer gas standards, effective today, which should further ensure adequate supply.

Finally, I would encourage consumers who encounter such unjustified prices to seek other stations and bring it to our attention via the Department of Energy Hotline at (800) 244-3301.

Yesterday's attacks necessitated a heightened level of security, at DOE facilities and throughout our nation's energy supply and distribution system. I want to give you an update on actions the Department of Energy has taken to ensure safety for DOE personnel as well as to ensure the nation's energy security.

Yesterday, I ordered that all DOE facilities be placed in high security status. All non-essential DOE personnel were evacuated and sent home. All shipments of nuclear materials were halted.

Nuclear operations around the country were ceased, and nuclear material was secured.

We monitored key energy infrastructure measures, and we especially heightened security at nuclear plants, and at refineries, pipelines, distribution points, and along the electricity transmission grid.

"We also monitored and assessed the nation's oil and gas supply, including the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I'm pleased to say that our energy infrastructure remains sound and reliable.

Today, naturally, we are maintaining an extraordinarily high security status. At the same time, we have re-opened our facilities and resumed operations. We are continually monitoring key energy infrastructure security, and we are continually assessing the status of the nation's oil and gas supply.

In the coming days we will continue to monitor the status of our security at DOE facilities, as well as to monitor the status of the nation's energy security. We will consider releasing the hold on transportation of nuclear materials, but until we make an announcement to that effect, the shipment of nuclear materials remains halted.

As the President has made clear, we will continue to conduct our business - which is to serve the American people."

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