September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
United States Army Corps of Engineers World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings 5:00 PM; October 15, 2001

World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts
Current Operations -- updated as of 1700 October 15, 2001

The purpose of this message is to provide a regular update to the members of USACE on the ongoing activities of the Corps in New York City and at the Pentagon following the 11 SEP terrorist attacks.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers continues to support FEMA, DoD and the nation in the disaster recovery mission in New York City through the execution of USACE's Emergency Support Function #3, Public Works and Engineering mission.

As of 0900 this morning, 37 USACE deployed personnel from around the Corps continue to support the FEMA mission in New York City, unchanged from the 9 OCT update. Seven of eight divisions are still represented among the deployed.

Five personnel now augment the headquarters, a reduction from 35 on 9 OCT.

Current USACE missions in New York City for FEMA include regional activation, debris oversight, debris landfill management, structural safety technical assistance, and waterborne transportation. Nine other FEMA missions have been closed to date.

While missions in support of New York City and FEMA continue for the Corps, the Transition Mission Closeout Plan was accepted by FEMA on 6 OCT.

In a recent development, USACE met with other federal agencies and local government and organizations in New York City on 11 OCT to discuss plans for the rebuilding of the damaged area around the World Trade Center site. A follow-on meeting of the Federal Clearing House "Rebuild New York" is planned for 18 OCT.

A New York District Project Delivery Team has assumed operational support for ongoing FEMA missions from New England District. NAE remains the USACE financial POC for FEMA-assigned missions.

By New York City estimates, debris removal as of 14 OCT topped more than 247,155 tons. An official estimate of total debris is 1.2 million tons.

20 debris specialists, unchanged from 9 OCT, continue to be deployed to the city. Seven of the 20 are contract personnel. A new team of debris specialists is scheduled to assume the mission in mid-October.

USACE continues to support FEMA with waterborne craft to provide transportation of personnel and supplies on an as needed basis.

Two structural specialists remain in New York City to provide technical assistance to the city. The mission is expected to conclude on 16 OCT.

In an unrelated item, the Corps has seven Pacific Ocean Division personnel deployed to Guam following the 12 OCT 7.0 magnitude earthquake approximately 45 miles southeast of the island. The personnel include an EM/ESF-3 representative, two structural assessment personnel, two water distribution assessment personnel, and two PL-84/99 inspectors.

USACE personnel who are concerned over the recent reports concerning the use of U.S. mail to deliver anthrax or other hazardous materials can refer to the United States Postal Service website at http://www.usps.com/news/2001/press/serviceupdates.asp for up-to-date information on mail security.

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