September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
United States Army Corps of Engineers World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts 9:00 AM; October 9, 2001

World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts Current Operations -- updated as of 0900 October 9, 2001

The United States Army Corps of Engineers continues to support FEMA, DoD and the nation in the disaster recovery mission in New York City through the execution of USACE's Emergency Support Function #3, Public Works and Engineering mission.

As of 0900 this morning, 37 USACE deployed personnel from around the Corps continue to support the FEMA mission in New York City. This is a significant reduction from 79 from the 3 OCT update. Seven of eight divisions are still represented among the deployed.

Thirty-five personnel now augment the headquarters, a reduction from 50 on 3 OCT. Twenty-three of the 35 in the headquarters support role have been provided by the United States Army Reserve Command. All 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) soldiers have been released from support of ESF-3 missions.

Current USACE missions in New York City include debris removal, structural safety technical assistance, and waterborne transportation.

While missions in support of New York City and FEMA continue for the Corps, coordination is ongoing for closure of open ESF-3 missions.

The new director of the Office of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, noted the Corps on Monday when he was sworn in to his new position. According to Mr. Ridge, "There are some things we can do immediately, and we will. Others will take more time. But we will find something for every American to do. My friends in the Army Corps of Engineers remind me of their motto -- Secretary Powell's familiar with it - 'The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.'"

The mission for the Deployable Tactical Operations System successfully closed out with the return of the two Deployable Tactical Operations Centers to their home stations. The equipment and the 34 USACE personnel who supported the DTOS and Logistics Primary Response Team were invaluable in providing 24/7 communications support for the New York Fire Department and FEMA around Ground Zero during recovery operations.

The dredging mission around Pier 6 concluded on 4 OCT. More than 55,000 cubic yards of dredged material was removed and transported to the Newark Bay Confined Disposal Facility. The dredging now permits greater access for barge transportation of debris from Pier 6 to the Staten Island Landfill.

All New York District employees who occupied 26 Federal Plaza prior to the attack are back in the building again.

By New York City estimates, debris removal as of 8 OCT topped more than 206,000 tons. An official estimate of total debris is 1.2 million tons. A significant mission for the Corps continues to be management of contract resources at the landfill, $125 million over nine months by FEMA estimates.

A new facet of the mission is planning for the inclusion of mechanical screening/picking equipment, and a site safety plan and quality assurance for the debris removal.

20 debris specialists, down from 21 on 3 OCT, continue to be deployed to the city. Seven of the 20 are contract personnel. A new team of debris specialists is scheduled to assume the mission in mid-October.

USACE continues to support FEMA with waterborne craft to provide transportation of personnel and supplies on an as needed basis.

Two structural specialists remain in New York City to provide technical assistance to the city. The mission was extended at the request of the city until 13 OCT with the team members expected to return home on the 14th.

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