September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
United States Army Corps of Engineers World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts 1:00 AM; September 25, 2001

World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts
Current Operations -- updated as of 1300, September 25, 2001

The United States Army Corps of Engineers continues to support FEMA, DoD and the nation in the disaster recovery mission in New York City and at the Pentagon through the execution of USACE's Emergency Support Function #3, Public Works and Engineering mission.

As of 0900 this morning, 95 USACE deployed personnel from around the Corps continue to support the FEMA mission in New York City. This is unchanged from the 23 SEP update. Every Corps division is represented among the 95, as are the labs.

Six personnel continue to support the Emergency Support Team, and 58 now augment the headquarters. Twenty-six of the 58 in the headquarters support role have been provided by the United States Army Reserve Command. The number of reservists is expected to continue to rise in the coming weeks to support a variety of USACE requirements around the nation.

Disaster Field Offices are at Pier 90, Manhattan, NY, and at Arlington, VA. Current USACE missions in New York City include debris removal planning, dredging, and structural safety assessment and technical assistance.

A significant new mission for the Corps announced by FEMA yesterday involves dredging to facilitate barge access for debris removal. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company will perform the work under a Corps contract.

Good news for the New York employees is that 26 Federal Plaza has reopened to the public, and steady progress is being made by the local telephone company to restore full communications in the building. The ability to return to their Headquarters represents another significant step in the return to normal operations, although full recovery is still some time away. The nearest public transportation is several blocks away, and other challenges in the recovery of the surrounding area still exist.

The Corps continues to work on the debris operations plan for consideration by New York City and FEMA. By New York City estimates, debris removal to date has topped more than 108,756 tons. Official estimates of total debris is 1.2 million tons. The Corps has completed its final draft for the USACE piece of the debris operations plan for FEMA approval. Part of the debris challenge is in determining appropriate disposition for the material in terms of identifying what can be recycled, placed in landfills or at offshore disposal areas.

20 debris specialists for the Corps continue to be deployed to the city. Six of the 20 are contract personnel.

The debris mission holds some long-term mission potential for the Corps in the city.

Two 249th soldiers are in support of the headquarters.

The four remaining originally deployed urban search and rescue experts/technical structure specialists in New York City were scheduled to return home today. Four new structural specialists arrived yesterday to replace them to continue what remains of that mission. Corps congratulations are directed to each of these outstanding Corps members for the contributions they made and will make in assisting New York in ensuring the safety of search and rescue personnel.

Some NYC provided figures and facts: 240 trucks and 70 barges are moving debris; and 120 pieces of equipment are handling debris at the World Trade Center site and another 145 pieces at the Staten Island Landfill

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