September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
United States Army Corps of Engineers Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts 1:00 PM; September 18, 2001

World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings Recovery Efforts
Current Operations (Updated as of 1300, 9/18/01)

USACE has currently deployed 164 personnel to New York City from around the nation to support recovery efforts. Ten more are deployed to the Pentagon, and 16 are supporting the Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C. An additional six USACE personnel are on the Emergency Support Team at FEMA headquarters in Washington.

Sixteen structural experts and four surveyors from across the nation have deployed to New York City to assist the city in evaluating some of the more complicated building assessments and safety of areas to attempt search and rescue.

The Corps' ability to initially deploy personnel to support this operation was greatly enhanced by the cooperation of other federal agencies in providing transportation while commercial air travel was unavailable.

The 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) deployed 31 personnel to New York City, 16 from Ft. Belvoir, VA, and 15 from Ft. Bragg, N.C. These soldeirs are providing technical assistance to ConEd in the installation of 56 city-supplied 1500 kilowatt generators to support emergency electrical power requirements. An additional nine 249th soldiers from Fort Belvoir are manning emergency generators at the Pentagon.

The Corps has deployed two Deployable Tactical Operations Centers to New York City for command and control. One has been provided to FEMA for their use. .

USACE has deployed two Rapid Response Vehicles to New York City to enhance command and control of disaster recovery operations. FEMA and the Corps are utilizing the two Deployable Tactical Operations Centers and two Rapid Response Vehicles deployed to New York City to form a linked communications network around the area of destruction.

To date, FEMA has assigned USACE missions for emergency power, technical assistance, debris-removal assessment and structural safety assessment in New York City, and technical assistance for debris removal at the Pentagon.

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