September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
Verhofstadt Proposes an EU-US Ministerial Summit; September 28, 2001

Terrorism: Verhofstadt Proposes an EU-US Ministerial Summit

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Description: BRUSSELS 28/09 (BELGA)- Belgian Prime Minister and current President of the European Council Guy Verhofstadt yesterday proposed that a join ministerial summit be organised between the European Union and the United States to discuss the war against terrorism. He suggested that a meeting be staged bringing the European ministers responsible for Justice, Home Affairs and Finance together with their American counterparts.

The comments came at the end of a visit to the United States by Mr Verhofstadt and European Commission President Romano Prodi to inform the U.S. administration and President George W. Bush of the results of the extraordinary meeting of the European Council on 21 September.

Date: 28/09/2001

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