September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
European Union - Egypt in the Coalition Against Terrorism; September 27, 2001

Egypt in the Coalition Against Terrorism

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Description: (BELGA) The European Troika, which arrived in Cairo on Thursday to discuss the consequences of the attacks that took place in the USA on 11 September, noted "with satisfaction" that Egypt is on the same wavelength as the international coalition against terrorism. This was Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister Louis Michel's reaction after his meeting with President Hosni


During their talks, the Egyptian head of state suggested that a conference on the fight against terrorism should be organised. Louis Michel welcomed this proposal and stressed that such a conference would require very careful preparation and would need to have a clear mandate, to encompass all aspects of terrorism, to be organised under the auspices of the UN and also to agree on a definition of terrorism.

Date: 27/09/2001

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