September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
Interpol Press Release; September 25, 2001

Interpol press release
25 September 2001
September 11 attacks

135 Interpol countries demonstrate historic and unanimous solidarity against terrorism

On Tuesday, two weeks almost to the hour after the terrorist-piloted aircraft attacks in the United States, 135 countries present at Interpol's General Assembly meeting in Budapest, unanimously passed a strong resolution in condemnation of the murderous attacks perpetrated against citizens of over 80 countries.

Representing every region of the world, senior police and government officials honoured the memory of the many law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency workers and private citizens who selflessly gave their lives to save others. Their resolution demonstrates the outrage of the global Interpol 'family' at the abhorrent violation of law and of the standards of human decency of September 11.

The resolution emphasizes the importance of making full use of the services available through Interpol. It also requests the creation of an international Interpol database of counterfeit, forged and stolen identity documents. Furthermore, it urges Interpol's 179 member countries to develop robust systems for the monitoring of suspicious financial transactions linked to terrorist activities.

In a joint statement Interpol's leaders, President Jesús Espigares Mira and Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said:

"We are proud to announce this historic show of solidarity and resolve by police professionals from all over the world. Two weeks after the horrific events on U.S. soil Interpol's General Assembly has demonstrated its firm and powerful commitment to fighting terrorism in defense of the world's citizens."

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