September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
Interpol Resolution No AG-2001-RES-05; September 26, 2001

ICPO-Interpol - General Assembly
70th Session - Budapest - 24th-28th September 2001

Resolution No AG-2001-RES-05

The Interpol General Assembly, meeting in Budapest from 24 to 28 September 2001 at its 70th session:

RECALLING the murderous attacks perpetrated against the worldÂ’s citizens in the United States of America on 11 September 2001,

SHOCKED by the loss of and injury to thousands of innocent lives from over 80 countries, including scores of police officers, firefighters and other public servants called to the scene to aid those in need,

DETERMINED that this abhorrent violation of law and of the standards of human decency must be condemned by every civilized person,

CONSCIOUS of our special responsibility as upholders of the laws of almost every nation of the world,

BEARING IN MIND the consistent record of Interpol at past General Assembly sessions in opposing all acts of terrorism, most recently at the 67th session in Cairo (1998) and the 68th session in Seoul (1999),

CONDEMNS these attacks as cold-blooded mass murder;

CONSIDERS that they constitute a crime against humanity;

COMMENDS the General Secretariat for its swift and decisive response to the 11 September tragedy in establishing an immediate and permanent 24-hour capability to respond to all Interpol member countriesÂ’ needs;

HONOURS the memory of the law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency workers and private citizens who selflessly gave their lives to save others;

SHARES in the grief of all those who have been touched by this tragedy and other tragedies caused by terrorism;

REITERATES its unwavering commitment to the 'Cairo Declaration against Terrorism' (AGN/67/RES/12) and calls for enhanced international police and judicial collaboration to tackle terrorism and organized crime more effectively, for example by exploring all opportunities to co-ordinate legal, judicial and operational approaches;

EMPHASIZES the importance of making full use of the services available through Interpol to secure the arrest of fugitive offenders, to improve information sharing between member countries, to develop analysis of the threat more effectively and to facilitate the timely sharing of good practice;

REQUESTS that the General Secretariat afford the highest priority to the issuance of Interpol Red Notices for terrorist offenders whose arrest is sought by member countries and to accelerate the creation of an international database of counterfeit, forged and stolen identity documents;

URGES member countries to develop robust systems for the monitoring of suspicious financial transactions linked to terrorist activities in order to improve the ability of competent authorities to freeze such assets and so disrupt the funding of terrorism;

SOLEMNLY PLEDGES that the Organization and each of its Members endorsing the present resolution will collaborate without reservation, to the fullest extent permitted by law, in identifying every individual who assisted in committing these acts and bringing those who were responsible for them to justice.

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