September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
State of Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue - Tax Deadlines Extended in Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks; September 18 , 2001

Press Release
Tax Deadlines Extended in Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks
September 18 , 2001

As a result of the overall effects of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. economy, the Department of Revenue announced today that taxpayers will get up to 10 more days to file returns and payments that were due this week.

"It is clear to us that many companies and individuals, although not directly affected by the attacks, have not been conducting business as usual," said Acting Commissioner of Revenue Bernard F. Crowley Jr. "We're extending the deadlines to give people additional time to return to a state of normalcy."

The Commonwealth's announcement of additional relief for taxpayers complements action being taken by the Internal Revenue Service.

All returns and payments owed to Massachusetts and due between September 11 and September 24, including estimated personal income tax payments, sales and use tax payments and corporate excise taxes, will be due on September 24.

Last week, the Department of Revenue posted on its Web Site, www.massdor.com, that it had extended the tax deadlines to December 15 for individuals and companies directly affected by the terrorist attacks. The companies included in that announcement are those located in the World Trade Center disaster area in New York. Individuals who worked in the disaster area and those who worked at the Pentagon also have been granted an extension to December 15.

"At a time like this, when we are recovering from a national tragedy, tax deadlines must accommodate taxpayers' ability to comply,'' Crowley said.

The Department of Revenue will continue to monitor the situation and will work closely with individuals and companies as they try to meet their tax obligations. More details of DOR's action will be posted at www.massdor.com. Taxpayers with questions should contact the department's Customer Service Bureau (617-887-6367) or the Taxpayer Advocate Office (617-626-2280).

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