September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
NATO Sends Extra Awacs To Help Guard Skies Of America; January 16, 2002

NATO 16 January 2002
Press Release
NATO Sends Extra Awacs To Help Guard Skies Of America

Following a request by the United States, NATO's North Atlantic Council today approved the deployment of two E3 Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft to join five other AWACs aircraft of this type already operating in support of U.S. homeland security.

NATO AWACs aircraft have been conducting operations over the US since 9 October 2001. They are based at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. This deployment is one of the most visible examples of NATO's reaction to the terrorist threat faced by all Allies. It has enabled the US to use its own AWACs aircraft for operations elsewhere.

The commitment of two further AWACs aircraft to join NATO's first operational deployment in the US demonstrates the Alliance's determination to play a full part in the campaign against terrorism. NATO will nonetheless continue to meet its operational responsibilities elsewhere, especially in the Balkans, in part because of the willingness of France and the United Kingdom to employ their national AWACs aircraft in this role.

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