September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
Secretary Of Treasury Paul O'Neill On Terrorist Asset Blocking Order Issued Today; October 12, 2001

October 12, 2001
Secretary Of Treasury Paul O'Neill
On Terrorist Asset Blocking Order Issued Today

The President fired the first shot in the war on terrorism several weeks ago when he ordered accounts of suspected terrorist blocked in the United States and spurred the entire world to act with unprecedented speed and cooperation to disrupt the financial underpinnings of terrorism.

This morning we took the next step in this financial war. Together Secretary Powell and I notified all financial institutions in the United States to block the assets of 39 additional persons and entities that are either wanted terrorists or who are known to financially support terrorism. The list includes businesses and charitable organizations that funnel money to the al Qaeda terrorist network. U.S. assets of all 22 of the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists are now subject to this blocking order. Under the Executive Order signed by the President on September 24, all U.S. citizens and businesses are prohibited from doing business with the people and organizations on this list.

We coordinated this blocking order with our allies around the world, and many of them instituted blocking orders today as well. Together with the State Department we have built an international coalition to disrupt the terrorist financing network.

This list will continue to grow as we share information between nations and develop an increasingly clear understanding of the complex network of terrorist financing. We are determined to deny terrorists the resources to carry out their acts of evil.

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