September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
USPS - Washington, DC, P&DC and BWI AMF Closed for Inspection, Possible Decontamination; October 22, 2001

October 22, 2001

Washington, DC, P&DC and BWI AMF closed for inspection, possible decontamination

The Washington, DC, Processing and Distribution center at Brentwood and the Baltimore-Washington International Airport air mail facility have been temporarily closed for inspection for possible anthrax contamination.

The actions were taken Sunday following reports by the Centers for Disease Control and the District of Columbia that a Brentwood postal employee has been diagnosed with inhalation anthrax. The employee is being treated at a local hospital.

"The safety and health of our employees is our foremost concern," said PMG Jack Potter. "While these actions are precautionary, we absolutely do not want to risk placing any postal employees in danger. By assuring the safety of our employees, we can assure the safety of our customers."

Potter said that all Brentwood employees who handle expedited mail will be tested for anthrax bacteria. Antibotics are being made available to all employees at both facilities, Potter said.

The Postal Service has implemented its contingency plan to assure that mail to the D.C. area won't be disrupted. Incoming mail normally processed at the Washing-ton facility is being diverted to Suburban Maryland and Southern Maryland facilities. Mail destined for the BWI facility has been moved to another location at the airport.

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