The Atlantic Conference : Telegram - The Secretary of State to the Ambassador In the United Kingdom (Winant)
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740,0011 European War 1939/14570: Telegram :

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador In the United Kingdom (Winant):

WASHINGTON, September 9, 1941 noon. 3B74. Your 4013, September 1, midnight. While we share your view that public debate in Parliament on a post-war issue involving the United States at this time would be unwise and we will not, therefore, now press our proposal for the issuance of any statement on the subject dealt with in our telegram under reference, we do not think that this occasion should be allowed to pass without impressing upon British leaders the great importance which this Government attaches to the question of commercial policy involved.

You should, therefore, take the occasion, and every suitable occasion that may present itself in the future, to impress upon British leaders our view that the prosperity and peace of the post-war world will depend upon the reduction of trade barriers and the reduction or elimination of preferences and discriminations, and that full Anglo-American cooperation in the attainment of these all-important aims depends upon the whole-hearted support by the British Government of the commercial policy just indicated.

Your 4038, September 2, midnight (1) The memorandum referred to (2) was given to the British Embassy here prior to Lord Halifax's departure for London. There would be no objection to your using it in discussions with Eden.



(1) Not printed. Back

(2) Not definitely identified but may be memorandum by the Chief of the Division o Commercial Treaties and Agreements, August 1, vol. III, section under United Kingdom entitled renegotiations for Lend-Lease Agreement . . ." Back

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