The British War Bluebook
Viscount Halifax to Sir H. Kennard (Warsaw). August 26, 1939
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No. 71.

Viscount Halifax to Sir H. Kennard (Warsaw).

(Telegraphic.) Foreign Office, August 26, 1939, 5 p. m.

IT is clear that Herr Hitler is laying chief emphasis on ill-treatment of Germany minority, and may use this at any moment as an excuse for taking some irrevocable action.

2. Is it not possible for Polish Government to adopt suggestion that they should approach German Government with enquiry as to whether they would contemplate making exchange of populations an element to be considered in any negotiation? It is true this would afford no immediate safeguard as it is a remedy that would take some time to apply, but it would be a pledge that Polish Government recognise the difficulty and are genuinely seeking means to overcome it, and it would give Polish Government some definite and new point on which to open up negotiation.

3. If action is to be taken by the Polish Government in this sense it ought to be done immediately.

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