The French Yellow Book
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No. 6
M. Corbin, French Ambassador in London, to M. Yvon Delbos, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

London;, March 12,1938.

THE Czechoslovak Minister has been received by Lord Halifax and has pleaded the necessity of a positive demonstration in favour of his country. He made the following suggestion:

Our Minister in Berlin, he said, has received the express assurance from Field-Marshal Goering that the Reich has no intention of encroaching upon the independence of Czechoslovakia. The German Minister in Prague has made the same declaration to M. Krofta.

M. Masaryk asked whether his Government might not inform the Foreign Office officially of this double declaration. This step would allow you to take official notice of it and then to address a note to Berlin in which the British Government would place on record the assurance given to Czechoslovakia.

Lord Halifax noted this suggestion and promised to put it before the Prime Minister.


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