The French Yellow Book

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No. 48 :
M. V. De Lacroix, French Minister in Prague, to M. Georges Bonnet, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Prague, February 18, 1939.

THE conditions which the Reich lays down to the Czechoslovak Government for an effective guarantee of the Czechoslovak frontiers by Germany may be summed up in the following ten points:

(1) Complete neutrality of Czechoslovakia.

(2) The foreign policy of Czechoslovakia must be brought into line with that of the Reich; adhesion to the Anti-Comintern Pact is deemed advisable.

(3) Czechoslovakia must immediately leave the League of Nations.

(4) Drastic reduction of military effectives.

(5) A part of the gold reserve of Czechoslovakia must be ceded to Germany. A part of the Czechoslovak industries having been ceded a part of the gold-reserve must accordingly pass into the hands of Germany.

(6) The Czechoslovak currency from Sudetenland must be exchanged for Czechoslovak raw materials.

(7) The Czechoslovak markets must be open to the German industries of Sudetenland. No new industry may be created in Czechoslovakia if it competes with an industry already existing in Sudetenland.

(8) Promulgation of anti-Semitic laws analogous to those of Nuremberg.

(9) Dismissal of all Czechoslovak Government employees who may have given Germany any ground for complaint.

(10) The German population of Czechoslovakia must have the right to carry Nazi badges and to fly the National-Socialist flag.


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