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No. 165 :
M. DE SEGUIN, French Chargé d'Affaires in Warsaw, to M. Georges Bonnet, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Warsaw, July 19, 1939.

THE information, which appeared yesterday in the News Chronicle as coming from German circles representing moderate opinion to the effect that the Führer proposed to settle the Danzig question by having himself nominated as President of the Senate of the Free City, has caused a violent reaction in Polish Government circles.

A communique from the Pat Agency was issued in the afternoon denying:

(1) That political conversations between the two Governments had taken place on the settlement of the various points at issue between the two countries;

(2) that the Polish Government could ever agree to a settlement of the question of Danzig which involved the abandonment of the four basic points in the attitude of Poland towards this problem;

(3) that the Polish Government could accept without reacting in an appropriate manner any new action in respect of the Danzig situation of such character as to threaten their vital interests.

The communique adds that the fact that the sources of the information are Rome and Berlin makes it possible to assess its true value.

Putting together the report in the English newspaper and the rumours current yesterday in the western capitals, which provoked a strong reaction in the French Press, I asked the Director of the Western Section this morning whether in his opinion we were not faced with a new German manoeuvre, differing from previous manoeuvres in its field of action, but directed to the same end as that aimed at by the Hitler Government at the end of June. Count Potocki had not yet been able to form a general conclusion for lack of precise information concerning these rumours. He did not, however, dismiss the possibility of a new German feeler.


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