The French Yellow Book

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No. 229 :
M. De Saint-Quentin, French Ambassador in Washington, to M. Georges Bonnet, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Washington, August 24, 1939. 10.11 p.m.

(Received August 25 at 6.50 a.m.)

THE Under-Secretary of State has just informed me that President Roosevelt had today, 24th, sent a message to Herr Hitler and to the President of the Polish Republic adjuring them to settle their differences by means of direct negotiation, by arbitration or by conciliation with the help of a citizen of a neutral country.

The message emphasizes that such solutions would presuppose an undertaking by the parties concerned not to commit any act of aggression against each other during an agreed period, and to respect each other's independence and territorial integrity.

Yet the substance of the two communications would seem not to be identical. Recalling the President's message of April 14 last, the appeal to Herr Hitler would appear to lay stress on the willingness of the American Government, in the event of a peaceful solution of the German-Polish dispute to contribute to the reconstruction of world economy.

The text of these documents will be communicated to Your Excellency by Mr. Bullitt and published to-morrow in the Press.


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