The French Yellow Book

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No. 309 :
M. LÉON NÖEL, French Ambassador in Warsaw, to M. Georges Bonnet, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Warsaw, August 31, 1939. 2.10 p.m.

(Received at 10.45 p.m.)

INCIDENTS all along the frontiers continue to be reported. There were, however, no casualties yesterday.

Within Poland, action against German espionage and terrorist organizations is increasing. At Novy-Sacz, members of the German minority have been arrested for preparing an attempt on a railway bridge. A German, whose arrest at Katowice I reported yesterday, has confessed that provocative outrages against certain German property owners in Polish territory had been prepared about ten days ago in cooperation with the authorities of the National-Socialist Party of Silesia and upon instructions from the Gestapo.

The Press reports at the same time a series of aggressive acts committed on the Slovak frontier by a party about 100 strong wearing swastika badges.


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