Adab - One of the earliest Sumerian cities.

Adad - The mesopotamian Weather God. He was the son of Anu and was derived from an earlier Sumerian God, Iskur.

Agade - Mesopotamian City. It was the seat of government for Sargon the Great.

Akkad - The northern part of Mesopotamia. Sumer was the southern part.

Anunit - Mesopotamian mother or creator goddess derived from the earlier Sumerian Ki. She was Anu's consort. Also known as Antu.

Anu - Babylonian creator God; consort of Antu or Anunit.

Anunnaki - The seven judges of the Underworld. Also the children of the god of heaven. They began as fertility dieties.

Apsu - God of underground waters derived from the Sumerian Abzu. Apsu is killed by Enki causing the cosmic confrontation between Marduk and Tiamat.

Ashur - The Assyrian national god.

E-babbar - (House of the Judge of the World). Temple of the Sun God Shamash.

Babylon - Mesopotamian City. It was located in Akkad.

Bel - A title meaning Lord. The Babylonian God Marduk was refered to as Bel.

Belit - Generic title of Goddess. Marduk's consort was often called Beltiya. May also refer to an Underworld or Mother Goddess, Belet-Seri or Belet-Ili.

Borsippa - Mesopotamian city located near Babylon.

Cuthah - Possibly a city (Kutha).

Dagon - Babylonian grain and fertility God.

Damgalnuna - Mother Goddess. She was first the consort of Enlil but latter was associated with Ea and was Marduk's mother.

Dilbat - A city in Babylonia.

Dumash - Babylonian shepherd and vegetation God. Also the God of the Underworld.

Dur-ilu - ?

Ea - God of water and of Wisdom. Ea was Marduk's father.

E-barra - Temple of the Sun.

E-gal-mach - Temple.

E-kur - Heaven.

E-mach - (Great Gate). Temple.

E-me-te-ursag - The temple of the War God, Zamama.

E-mish-mish - Temple.

Eridu - One of the most sacred cities of Mesopotamia. It was the resedence of the God Enki.

E-sagil - The "Temple that raises its head". The temple of Marduk in Babaylon.

E-shidlam - Temple.

E-ud-gal-gal - Temple.

E-zida - The temple of Nebo in Borsippa.

Girsu - A suburb of Lagash.

Gish-shir-gal - Main temple of the Moon God Nana in Ur.

Hallab - ?

Harsag-kalama - Temple. Possibly located in Ur (Ekhursag).

Isin - Mesopotamian city state located in Sumer.

Igigi - A group of Skygods. Often mentioned in conjunction with the Anunnaki.

Ishtar - Mesopotamian goddess of fertility and war. Variously the daughter of Sin or of Anu.

Karkar - ?

Kesh - Mesopotamian City.

Kish - Mesopotamian City ten miles east of Babylon.

Lagash - Mespotamian City.

Larsa - Mesopotamian City.

Malka - ?

Malkat - ?

Ma-ma - Mesopotamian Mother Goddess. She was involved in creating mankind from clay and blood.

Marduk - The chief diety of Babylon. Marduk replaced An or Anu as the main creator God.

Mashkanshabri - ?

Mera - ?

Nana - Babylonian Moon God.

Nebo - Mesopotamian God of Wisdom and Writing.

Nergal - Underworld God. The God of War and Sudden Death. He was the son of Enlil and Ninlil.

Ninazu - Babylonian God of Healing.

Nineveh - Assyrian Capital City.

Ningirsu - Tutelary god.

Nin-Karak - Possible minor mother goddess.

Ninni - Goddess of fertilty and war.

Nintu - Babylonian mother Goddess.

Nippur - Mesopotamian city.

Saggil - Variant spelling of the temple of Marduk in Babylon.

Shamash - Babylonian Sungod. He is associated with justice. He bore the titles: "Judge of the Heavens and the Earth"; Lord of Judgement".

Shidlam - ?

Sin - Babylonian Moon God.

Sin-muballit - Hammurabi's father and King of Babylon.

Sippara - Mesopotamian City.

Sumer - Ancient name of for the southern part of Mesopotamia. Akkad was the northern part.

Sumula-il - ?.

Tutul - Tutelary god of Borsippa a city near Babylon.

Ud-kib-nun-na - ?.

Ur - Mesopotamian city.

Urash - Possibly an Earth Goddess.

Uruk - Mesopotamian City.

Zamama - Possibly the God of War and Tutelary God of the city of Kish.

Zarpanit - Marduk's consort and Goddess of Birth.