British-American Diplomacy
Monroe to Bagot : November 7, 1816

DEPARTMENT OF STATE November 7. 1816.

The Right Honble CHARLES BAGOT

SIR, I have received and laid before The President your letter of the 4th instant, in which you do me the honor to give me an account of the actual state of His Britannic Majesty's naval force on the Lakes; with an assurance that its further augmentation is suspended, until the sentiments of your Government upon the project contained in my Note of the 5 Augst, are known.

As this proceeding is in conformity to one of the propositions heretofore made by me, I have now the honor to enclose to you an account of the actual state of the naval force of the United-States on the takes, and to assure you, that orders will be immediately given by this government to prevent any augmentation of it, beyond the limit of the British naval force on those waters.

I have the honor to be &c.



On Lake Ontario

Brig Jones (18 guns). Retained for occasional service.

Schooner Lady of the Lake (1 gun). Employed in aid of the revenue laws.

Ship New Orleans (74 guns). On the stocks, building suspended.

Ship Chippewa (74 guns). On the stocks, building suspended

Ships Superior (44 guns), Mohawk (32 guns), General Pike (24 guns), Madison (18 guns); and the brigs Jefferson (18 guns), Sylph (16 guns), and Oneida (18 guns). Dismantled.

Schooner Raven. Receiving vessel.

15 barges (each, 1 gun). Laid up for preservation.

On Lake Erie

Schooners Porcupine and Chent (each, 1 gun). Employed in transporting stores. Ship Detroit (18 guns), and brigs Lawrence (20 guns), and Queen Charlotte (14 guns). Sunk at Erie.

Brig Niagara (18 guns). Dismantled at Erie.

On Lake Champlain

Ships Confiance (32 guns), and Saratoga (22 guns); brigs Eagle (12 guns), and Sinnet (16 guns); the schooner Ticonderoga (14 guns); and 6 galleys (each, 1 gun). All laid up at White Hall.

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Volume 2
Documents 1-40 : 1776-1818
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