Confirmation of the Grant from the Council for New England to Captain John Mason; 1635

Forasmuch as by a mutual agreement we whose names are subscribed patentees or adventurers and of the Council of New England are to join in the surrender to his Majesty of the great charter of that country which was granted to us in the 18th year of the reign of King James of blessed memory, in those presence February 3, 1634, lots were drawn for settling of diverse and sundry divisions of lands on the sea coasts of said country upon most of us who hereto have never been confirmed in the lands so alloted.

To the intent that everyone of us, according to equity and in some reasonable manner answerable to his adventurers or other interests, may enjoy a proportion of the lands of the said country, to be immediately held of his Majesty.

We, therefore, do condescend and agree that all the part of the sea coast of the country aforesaid shall belong to Captain John Mason to begin at the middle of Naukeek River and from there to proceed eastward along the sea coast to Cape Anne, and around about the same into Pascataqua Harbor, and so forward up the river of Newichawanock and to the furthest head of said river, and from there northwestward til sixty miles be finished from the first entrance of Pascataqua Harbor; also from Naumkeek through the harbor and river thereof up into the land west sixty miles, from which period to cross over land to the sixty miles end accounted from Pascataqua, through Newichawanock River and into the said land northwest as aforesaid; and hereunto is to belong the south half of the Isle of Shoals and 10,000 acres of land on the southeast part of Sagadahock at the mouth or entrance thereof; saving and reserving out of this division to every one that has any lawful grants of lands or plantations lawfully settled in the same the freeholding and enjoying of his rights with the liberties thereunto appertaining, laying down his jura regalis, if he have any, to the proprietor of his division wherein his land lies, and paying some small acknowledgement for that he is now to hold his said land anew of the proprietor of his division.

Lenox Hamilton Arundel and Surrey Carlisle

Sterling Edward Gorges Sir Ferdinando Gorges

Concordat cum originali facta collatione per me,

Thomas Maydwell, Notary Public.

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