The Barbary Treaties 1786-1816
Treaty with Morocco June 28 and July 15, 1786 -Translation of the Additional Article

Grace to the only God

I the underwritten the Servant of God, Taher Ben Abdelhack Fennish do certify that His Imperial Majesty my Master /whom God preserve/ having concluded a Treaty of Peace and Commerce with the United States of America has ordered me the better to compleat it and in addition of the tenth Article of the Treaty to declare " That,

"if any Vessel belonging to the United States shall be in any of the
"Ports of His Majesty's Dominions, or within Gunshot of his Forts,
"she shall be protected as much as possible and no Vessel whatever
"belonging either to Moorish or Christian Powers with whom the
"United States may be at War, shall be permitted to follow or engage
"her, as we now deem the Citizens of America our good Friends.

And in obedience to His Majesty's Commands I certify this Declaration by putting my hand and Seal to it, on the Eighteenth day of Ramadan in the Year One thousand two hundred.


The Servant of the fling my Master whom God preserve

I Do Certify that the above is a True Copy of the Translation Made at Morocco by Isaac Cardoza Nunes, Interpreter, of a Declaration Made and Signed by Sidi Hage Tahar Fennish in addition to the Treaty between the Emperor of Morocco and the United States of America which Declaration the said Tahar Fennish Made by the Express Directions of His Majesty.


Note, The Ramadan of the Year of the Hegira 1200 Commenced on the 28th June in the Year of our Lord 1786.

Now know Ye that We the said John Adams & Thomas Jefferson Ministers Plenipotentiary aforesaid do approve & conclude the said Treaty and every Article and Clause therein contained, reserving the same nevertheless to the United States in Congress assembled for their final Ratification.

In testimony whereof we have signed the same with our Names and Seals, at the places of our respective residence and at the dates expressed under our signatures respectively.

John ADAMS. [Seal]

LONDON January 25, 1787.


PARIS January 1, 1787.

(1) The spelling in the original document is uncertain, but Abdelhack is correct, el-Hack or el-Haqq being one of the names of God. Back

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