The Barbary Treaties 1786-1816
Tunis 1797 : Senate Resolution of March 6, 1798

Resolved, (two-thirds of the Senators present concurring therein,) That the Senate do advise and consent to the ratification of the treaty of peace and friendship, between the United States of America and the Bey and government of Tunis, concluded in the month of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, on condition that the fourteenth article of the said treaty, which relates to the duties on merchandise, (to be reciprocally paid by the citizens and subjects of the said parties, in their respective ports,) shall be suspended.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the President of the United States, to enter into a friendly negotiation with the Bey and government of Tunis, on the subject of the said article, so as to accommodate the provisions thereof to the existing treaties of the United States with other nations.

Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America.
Edited by Hunter Miller
Volume 2
Documents 1-40 : 1776-1818
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