George Washington - Message to the Senate of January 11, 1790
Regarding the Treaty with the Creek Indians

UNITED STATES, January 11, 1790.

Gentlemen of the Senate.

Having advised with you upon the terms of a treaty to be offered to the Creek Nation of Indians, I think it proper you should be informed of the result of that business previous to its coming before you in your legislative capacity. I have therefore directed the Secretary for the Department of War to lay before you my instructions to the commissioners and their report in consequence thereof.

The apparently critical state of the Southern frontier will render it expedient for me to communicate to both Houses of Congress, with other papers, the whole of the transactions relative to the Creeks, in order that they may be enabled to form a judgment of the measures which the case may require.


A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents
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Pursuant to an Act of the Fifty-Second Congress of the United States.
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