British-American Diplomacy
Letter of Jefferson to George Hammond 8/7/1793
PHILADELPHIA, 7th August 1793

SIR/A constant expectation of carrying into full effect the declaration of the President, against permitting the armament of vessels within the ports of the United States, to cruize on nations with which they are at peace, has hitherto prevented my giving you a final answer on the subject of such vessels and their prizes Measures to this effect are still taking, and particularly for excluding from all further Asylum in our ports, the vessels so armed, and for the restoration of the prizes, the Lovely Lass, the Prince William Henry and the Jane of Dublin taken by them: and I am authorized, in the mean time to assure you, that should the measures for restoration fail in their effect, the President considers it as incumbent on the United States to make compensation for the Vessels. I have the honor to be, with great respect, Sir, &ca

Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America.
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Volume 2
Documents 1-40 : 1776-1818
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