An Act Making Appropriations for Defraying the Expenses Which May Arise in Carrying into Effect a Treaty Made Between the United States and Certain Indian Tribes, Northwest of the River Ohio.

See Also The Treaty of Greenville : August 3, 1795

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for the purpose of defraying the expenses which may arise in carrying into effect the treaty made between the United States and the tribes of Indians, called the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanoes, Ottawas, Chippewas, Putawatimes, Miamis, Eel river, Weea, Kickapoo, Piankashaw, and Kaskaskias, at Greeneville, on the third day of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, the monies arising under the revenue laws of the United States, which have been heretofore passed, not already appropriated to any other purpose, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be, and are hereby pledged and appropriated for the payment of the annuity stipulated in the said treaty, to be paid to the said Indian tribes; that is to say; to the Wyandots, one thousand dollars; to the Delawares, one thousand dollars; to the Shawanoes, one thousand dollars; to the Ottawas, one thousand dollars; to the Chippewas, one thousand dollars; to the Putawatimes, one thousand dollars; to the Miamis, one thousand dollars; to the Eel river, Week, Kickapoo, Piankashaw and Kaskaskias tribes, each five hundred dollars: And to continue so pledged and appropriated, so long as the said treaty shall be in force. And that a further sum of one thousand five hundred dollars, out of the monies aforesaid, be also appropriated to defray the cost of transportation, and other contingent charges which may arise from the payment of the said annuity, according to the stipulations contained in the said treaty.

APPROVED May 6. 1796.

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