Chilean-American Diplomacy - Protocol in Regard to the Claim of Patrick Shields Against the Government of Chile; May 24, 1897

The Honorable John Sherman, Secretary of State of the United States of America, and the Honorable Domingo Gana, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Chile, being desirous to give a friendly and equitable solution to the claim of Patrick Shields, have agreed on the following:

The Government of Chile by equitable considerations will allow to the heirs of Patrick Shields a compensation of three thousand five hundred dollars, and this amount shall be delivered for that purpose to the Honorable Secretary of State of the United States within a period of four months from this date.

This agreement is subject to the acceptance of the Congress of Chile, from which the necessary amount is to be requested.

The allowance of the said amount of three thousand five hundred dollars in the manner before mentioned, will imply the final and complete settlement of the claim of Patrick Shields, and the said claim may not be presented at any other time, or in any other form.

In witness whereof the Honorable Secretary of State and the Honorable Minister of Chile sign the present agreement, in duplicate, in the English and Spanish languages, in Washington, the 24th day of May one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven.

Treaties, Conventions, International Acts and Agreements Between the United States of America and Other Powers 1776-1909.
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Under Resolution of the Senate of January 18, 1909
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