British-American Diplomacy
Declaration of 1815 Concerning the Convention Regulating Commerce and Navigation of 1815


The Undersigned, His Britannick Majesty's Charge d'Affaires in the United States of America, is commanded by His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to explain and declare upon the Exchange of the Ratifications of the Convention concluded at London on the third of July of the present year, for regulating the Commerce and Navigation between the two Countries, That in consequence of events which have happened in Europe subsequent to the signature of the Convention aforesaid, it has been deemed expedient and determined in conjunction with the Allied Sovereigns, that St Helena shall be the place allotted for the future residence of General Napoleon Buonaparte, under such regulations as may be necessary for the perfect security of his person; and it has been resolved, for that purpose, that all Ships and vessels whatever, as well British Ships and vessels as others, excepting only Ships belonging to the East India Company, shall be excluded from all Communication with or approach to that Island.

It has therefore, become impossible to comply with so much of the third Article of the Treaty as relates to the liberty of touching for refreshment at the Island of st Helena, and the Ratifications of the said Treaty will be exchanged under the explicit Declaration and Understanding that the vessels of the United States cannot be allowed to touch at, or hold any communication whatever with the said Island, so long as the said Island shall continue to be the place of residence of the said Napoleon Buonaparte.


November 24, 1815.
Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America.
Edited by Hunter Miller
Volume 2
Documents 1-40 : 1776-1818
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