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An Act Making Appropriations for Carrying into Effect a Treaty Between the United States and the Chickasaw Tribe of Indians and to Establish a Land Office in the Mississippi Territory

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for the purpose of carrying into effect a treaty, made on the twenty-third day of July, one thousand eight hundred and five, between the United States and the Chickasaw nation of Indians, the following sums, to be paid out of any monies in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, be, and the same hereby are appropriated, in conformity with the stipulations contained in the said treaty, that is to say; to the said Chickasaw nation, twenty thousand dollars; to George Colbert and O'Koy, each, one thousand dollars; and to Chinubbe Mingo, chief of the nation, an annuity of one hundred dollars, during his natural life.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the surveyor-general of the public lands, south of Tennessee, to cause to be surveyed and laid out, in the same manner as is provided by law for the other public lands in the Mississippi territory, so much of the lands ceded to the United States by the Cherokees and Chickasaws, as lies within the said territory; and the President of the United States is hereby authorized, whenever he shall think it proper, to establish a land office for the sale of the said lands, and to appoint a register of the same, and a receiver of the public monies accruing from the sale of the said lands, whose respective emoluments and duties shall be the same as those of the registers and receivers of the other land-offices in the said territory.

APPROVED, March 3, 1807.

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