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An Act Making Additional Appropriations for the Military Establishment and for the Indian Department for the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twelve.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for defraying the expenses incurred and to be incurred under the several acts, entitled `'An act to establish a quartermaster's department and for other purposes," and an act to amend the same, "An act making further provision for the corps of engineers," and 'tan act making further provision for the army of the United States," for the Indian department and for satisfying certain outstanding claims, there be, and hereby is appropriated, to be paid out of any monies in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, in addition to the sums already appropriated for the said objects respectively, the following sums, that is to say:

For the pay of the army, seventy-two thousand five hundred and ninety-six dollars.

For forage, four thousand seven hundred and twenty-two dollars.

For subsistence, six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

For clothing, three thousand seven hundred and forty-five dollars,

For clerk hire and stationery, in the offices of the quartermaster general and commissary general of purchases, three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars.

For the salary of the commissary general of purchases and compensations of the deputy commissaries, six thousand five hundred dollars.

For contingent expenses of the Indian department, comprising the employment of temporary agents, presents to the Indians, and transportation, twenty thousand dollars.

For the payment of such balances as have been or may be ascertained from actual settlements made by the accountant of the department of war, and which cannot be discharged out of any existing appropriations; five thousand dollars.

APPROVED, July 6, 1812.

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