Declaration of Accession of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, Under the Twelfth Article of the Treaty with Hanover. March 10, 1847

WHEREAS, a treaty of navigation and commerce, between the United States of America and his Majesty the King of Hanover, was concluded at Hanover on the 10th day of June last, by the plenipotentiaries of the contracting parties, and was subsequently duly ratified on the part of both governments:

And whereas, by the terms of the twelfth article of the same, " the United States agree to extend all the advantages and privileges contained in the stipulations of the present treaty to one or more of the other States of the Germanic confederation, which may wish to accede to them, by means of an official exchange of declarations; provided that such State or States shall confer similar favors upon the said United States to those conferred by the kingdom of Hanover, and observe and be subject to the same conditions, stipulations, and obligations: "

And whereas, the government of his Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Oldenburg has signified its desire to accede to the said treaty, and to all the stipulations and provisions therein contained, so far as the same are or may be applicable to the two countries, and to become a party thereto; that is to say, to all the said stipulations and provisions, excepting only those relating to the Stade, and the Weser tolls, in which the government of Oldenburg has no interest, and over which it has no control:

Now, therefore, the undersigned, Baron W. E. de Beaulieu Marconnay, of the privy council of his Royal Highness, and at the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, on the part of Oldenburg, and A. D. Mann, special agent, on the part of the United States, invested with full powers to this effect, found in good and due form, have this day signed, in duplicate, and have exchanged, this declaration of the accession (hereby agreed to on the part of the United States) of his Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, for the Duchy of Oldenburg, to the treaty aforesaid, the effect of which accession and agreement is hereby declared to be to establish the said treaty between the high parties to this declaration, as fully and perfectly, to all intents and purposes, as if all the provisions therein contained, excepting as above excepted, had been recited word for word in a separate treaty, concluded and ratified between them, in the ordinary form.

In witness whereof, the above-named plenipotentiaries have hereto affixed their names and seals. Done at Oldenburg, this tenth day of March, 1847.



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