Treaty With the Potawatami, 1832
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Articles of a treaty made and concluded on Tippecanoe River, in the State of Indiana, between Jonathan Jennings, John W. Davis and Marks Crume, Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the Chiefs, Headmen and Warriors, of the Pottawatimie Indians, this twenty-sixth day of October, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two.


The Chiefs, Headmen and Warriors, aforesaid, agree to cede to the United States their title and interest to lands in the State of Indiana, (to wit:) beginning at a point on Lake Michigan, where the line dividing the States of Indiana and Illinois intersects the saline thence with the margin of said Lake, to the intersection of the southern boundary of a cession made by the Pottawatimies, at the treaty of the Wabash, of eighteen hundred and twenty-six; thence east, to the northwest corner of the cession made by the treaty of St. Joseph's, in eighteen hundred and twenty-eight; thence south ten miles; thence with the Indian boundary line to the Michigan road; thence south with said road to the northern boundary line, air designated in the treaty of eighteen hundred and twenty-six, with the Pottawatimies; thence west with the Indian boundary line to the river Tippecanoe; thence with the Indian boundary line, as established by the treaty of eighteen hundred and eighteen, at St. Mary's to the line dividing the States of Indiana and Illinois; and thence north, with the line dividing the said States, to the place of beginning.


From the cession aforesaid, the following reservations are made, (to wit:)

For the band of Aub-be-naub-bee, thirty-six sections, to include his village.

For the bands of Men-o-mi-nee, No-taw-kah, Muck-kah-tah-mo-way and Pee-pin-oh-waw, twenty-two sections.

For the bands of O-kaw-wause, Kee-waw-nay and Nee-bosh, eight sections.

For J. B. Shadernah, one section of land in the Door Prairie, where he now lives.

For the band of Com-o-za, two sections.

For the band of Mah-che-saw, two sections.

For the band of Mau-ke-kose, six sections.

For the bands of Nees-waugh-gee and Quash-qua, three sections.


In consideration of the cession aforesaid, the United States agree to pay to the Pottawatimie Indians, an annuity for the term of twenty years, of twenty thousand dollars; and will deliver to them goods to the value of one hundred thousand dollars, so soon after the signing of this treaty as they can be procured; and a further sum of thirty thousand dollars, in goods, shall be paid to them in the Year eighteen hundred and thirty-three, by the Indian agent at Eel river.


The United States agree to pay the debts due by the Pottawatimies agreeably to a schedule hereunto annexed; amounting to sixty-two thousand four hundred and twelve dollars.


The United States agree to provide for the Pottawatimies, if they shall at any time hereafter wish to change their residence, an amount, either in goods, farming utensils, and such other articles as shall be required and necessary, in good faith, and to an extent equal to what has been furnished any other Indian tribe or tribes emigrating, and in just proportion to their numbers.


The United States agree to erect a saw mill on their lands, under the direction of the President of the United States. In testimony whereof, the said Jonathan Jennings, John W. Davis, and Marks Crume, commissioners as aforesaid, and the chiefs, head men, and warriors of the Pottawatimies, have hereunto set their hands at Tippecanoe river, on the twenty-sixth day of October, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two.

Jonathan Jennings,
John W. Davis,
Marks Crume.


Geo. B. Walker

Louison, his x mark
Che-ehaw-eose, his x mark,
Banack, his x mark
Man-o-quett, his x mark
Kin-kosh, his x mark
Pee-shee-Nvaw-no, his x mark,
Min-o-min-ee, I. is x mark,
Mis-sah-kaw-way, his x mark
Kee-waw-nay, his x mark
Sen-bo-go, his x mark,
Che-quaw-ma-eaw-co, his x mark,
Muak-kose, his x mark,
Ah-you-way, his x mark,
Po-kah-kause, his x mark,
So-po tie, his x Newark
Che-man, his x mark,
No-taw-kah, his x mark
Nas-waw-kee, his x mark,
Pec-pin-a-paw, his x mark,
Ma-ehe-saw, his x mark
O-kitch-ehee, his x mark,
Pee-pish-kah his x mark
conl-mo-yo, his x mark
Chiek-kose, his x mark
Mis-qua buck, his x mark,
Mo-tie-ah, his x mark
Muck-ka-tah-mo-tvay, his x mark,
Mah-qusw-shee, his x mark,
O-sheh-weh, his x mark
Mah-zick, his x mark,
Queh-kah-pah, his x mark,
Quash-quaw, his x mark
Louisor Perish, his x mark
Pam-bo-go, his x mark,
Bee-yaw-yo, his x mark,
Pah-ciss, his x mark,
Mauck-eo-pavv-waw, his x mark
Mis-sah-qua, his x mark
Kawk, his x mark,
Miee-kiss, his x mark,
Shaw-bo, his x mark,
Aub-be-naub-bee, his x mark
Mau-maut-wah, his x mark
O-ka-mause, his x mark,
Pash-ee-po his x mark,
We-wiss-lai, his x mark,
Ash-kom, his x mark,
Waw-zee-o-nes, his x mark.


William Marshall, Indian agent
Henry Hoover, secretary
H. Lasselle, interpreter
E. V. Cicott, Sint. interpreter,
J. B. Bourie, interpreter
J. B. Jutra, Sint. interpreter,
Edward McCartney, interpreter,
Luther Rice, interpreter.

After the signing of this Treaty, and at the request of the Indians, five thousand one hundred and thirty-five dollars were applied to the purchase of horses, which were purchased and delivered to them, under our direction, leaving ninety-four thousand eight hundred and sixty-five dollars to be paid in merchandise.

Jonathan Jennings,
John W. Davis,
Marks Crume.

It is agreed, that the United States will satisfy the claims mentioned in the following schedule, as provided for in the fourth article of the foregoing treaty, viz:

To Andrew Admire, forty dollars

Zacheriah Cicott, nine hundred and fifty dollars.

H. Lassell, senior, four thousand dollars.

Silas Atchinson, two hundred and twenty dollars.

Alexander McAllister, two hundred and twenty dollars.

Walker and Davis, fifteen hundred dollars

Walker, Carter & Co. five thousand six hundred dollars.

Edward McCartney, one thousand dollars.

F. R. Kintner six hundred and twenty dollars.

Joseph Trucky, one hundred dollars.

J. Vigus & C. Taber, eight hundred and fifty dollars.

James Burnit, six hundred dollars.

Samuel Hanna, executor of Abraham Burnet, three hundred and fifty dollars.

James Hickman, sixty dollars.

William Scott, two hundred and fifty dollars.

M. Harse, seventy dollars.

Emmerson and Huntington, assignees of Willis Fellows, four thousand five hundred dollars.

W. G. and G. W. Ewing, one thousand dollars.

Peter Barron, seventeen hundred and sixty-six dollars.

Hamilton & Taber, seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars.

Skelton & Scott, six hundred and fifty dollars.

Cyrus Taber, three hundred and fifty dollars.

G. S. Hubbard, one thousand dollars.

Moses Rice, one hundred dollars.

John E. Hunt, three thousand two hundred and sixteen dollars.

John Baldwin, one thousand dollars.

Louis Drouillard, sixty-eight dollars.

George Crawford, eighty dollars.

Thomas Hall, forty dollars.

John B. Duret, four hundred dollars.

Anthony Gambin, three hundred dollars.

Joseph Barron, seven hundred and ninety-six dollars.

James H. Kintner, three hundred and fifty-seven dollars.

John B. Bourie, five hundred dollars.

Henry Ossum, nine hundred dollars.

Samuel Hannaj fifteen hundred dollars.

Barnet & Hanna, three thousand five hundred dollars.

Todd & Vigus, six thousand five hundred and thirteen dollars.

Allen Hamilton, seven hundred dollars.

W. G. and G. W. Ewing, three thousand dollars.

George F. Turner, two hundred dollars.

Peter Longlois, two thousand five hundred dollars.

Thomas Robb, eight hundred and forty dollars.

The estate of George Cicott, deceased, fifteen hundred dollars.

George C. Spencer, one hundred and fifty-seven dollars.

John T. Douglass, one hundred dollars.

W. G. and G. W. Ewing, seven hundred and sixteen dollars.

H. B. M'Keen, six hundred dollars.

Joseph Bertrand, senior, fifteen hundred dollars.

George C. Spencer, three hundred dollars.

Jesse Buzann, three hundred and sixteen dollars.

Joseph Douglass, four hundred and fifty dollars.

John Smith, four hundred and eighty dollars.

Moses Barnett, eight hundred and forty-five dollars.

Harison Barnett, two hundred and sixty-seven dollars.

Lot Bozarth, ninety dollars.

Silas Alchison, two hundred and forty-four dollars.

Harison Barnett & Co. one hundred and seventy-eight dollars.

James Elliott, one hundred and nineteen dollars.

Alexander Smith, one hundred dollars.

Walker, Carter & Co. four hundred and four dollars.

John Forsyth, amr. &c. of Thomas Forsyth, four hundred and seventy-three dollars.

John Forsyth six hundred dollars.

Indian Affairs : Laws and Treaties
Vol II (Treaties)
Compiled and Edited By Charles J. Kappler LL. M.
Clerk to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
Washington, DC : Government Printing Office, 1904

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