Indochina - Assistance to Refugees from North Viet-Nam: Note From the American Embassy at Saigon to the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, August 8, 1954 (1)

On August 6 the U.S. Government received from the Government of Viet-Nam a request that the United States provide assistance in moving over 100,000 refugees from North Viet-Nam, the area which is being turned over to the Viet Minh, to South Viet-Nam areas under control of the anti-Communist government of Viet-Nam. The United States on August 8 replied as follows [Note in Department of State Bulletin]:

The United States Government desires to extend to the Government of Viet-Nam all reasonable assistance to evacuate from areas defined in the cease-fire agreement its nationals who understandably are unwilling to face the grim certainties of life under the Communists. The United States is well aware that mere removal does not solve the problem for such people or for the Government of Viet-Nam. The United States is also prepared to provide as far as possible material help needed to enable refugees from Viet Minh domination to resume existence under their chosen government with maximum opportunity to add to the strength of that government through their own efforts.

The American Embassy will continue close cooperation with the Government of Viet-Nam to ensure that United States assistance is made effective in meeting the needs of the Government of Viet-Nam and its people. The United States will expect the maximum cooperation of the Government of Viet-Nam in working to this mutual end.

(1) Department of State Bulletin, Aug. 16, 1954, p. 241, see also statement by Harold Stassen, Director of Foreign Operations Administration (ibid., Aug. 23, 1954, pp. 265-266) and White House statement of Aug. 22, 1954 (infra). Back

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