The German Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Schulenburg) to the German Foreign Office
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Moscow, August 21, 1939-7:30 p. m.

No. 200 of August 21

Supplementing my telegram No. 199 of August 21.

Text of Stalin's reply:

"August 21, 1939. To the Chancellor of the German Reich A. Hitler. I thank you for the letter. I hope that the German-Soviet non-aggression pact will mark a decided turn for the better in the political relations between our countries.

The people of our countries need peaceful relations with each other. The assent of the German Government to the conclusion of a non-aggression pact provides the foundation for eliminating the political tension and for the establishment of peace and collaboration between our countries.

The Soviet Government has authorized me to inform you that it agrees to Herr von Ribbentrop's arriving in Moscow on August 23. J. Stalin."


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